Dominik Schatz

Dominik Schatz is a young and aspiring graphic designer currently residing in Berlin but also working in cities like Munich, Zurich and Vienna. Having studied at the University of Art and Design in Linz he´s now working on the border of graphic design and fashion as a freelance designer and art director.
Starting out in advertising, he soon found himself in charge as deputy art director of international magazines like the german edition of French L´Officiel Hommes and others.
Dominik´s versatile approach to design is a dedication to each task and concept commissioned. The idea of creating a unique design for a certain project is crucial to him. Therefore his work ranges from simple to playful. With a focus on print, the talented designer found a perfect playground in editorial design. His love and sense for photography, image and space as well as his profound handling of typography and typeface predestinate him for working with clients of the fashion and culture industry. If editorial or production Dominik´s high aspirations make every project an aesthetic success.
Dominik Schatz is also the Art Director of Interview Magazine Germany.

Berlin, D