Gema Navarro | Santos Henarejos – Base to Base

»We are designers, we talk structures and processes«. That’s how Gema Navarro and Santos Henarejos introduce one of their magazines: »The Eight« is published twice a year. In print and online it invites eight photographers per edition to present their works on 20 pages. »The Eight« transcends the boundary between a photo-book and the image. The designers want texts and pictures on an equal footing and side by side. Thanks to the colour codes, which have been developed especially for the magazine, Navarro and Henarejos can do without page numbers. A three-column design complements the layout and triggers its own rhythm between the continuous text and Goudy Sans, and a structure of covers and texts, which offers an individual framework for the presentation of each and every photographer. »The Eight« is ambitious - it’s readers are meant to read and, simultaneously, follow a visualized story in the pictures.

Equally exciting is »Outpost«, a project dating from 2011. »Outpost« maps the changes and trends in the Arab region, and tries to discover and explore possibilities, potentials, and perspectives. »Outpost« is a quarterly, and consists of essays and three main books dealing with a given topic. The designers created a relevant page menu, which helps navigate the magazine and enhance its readability. They also created a logo that reflects the essence of the outpost: a banner seen through binoculars, as a signal of resistance: »We’re still here!«

Outpost uses multicoloured separators, which serve as table of contents for the individual books, too. Four different grids for different articles, in addition to the coloured guidance system, help the reader get his/her bearings, when reading or leafing through the magazine. Thus, the pages can breath. Their elements allow for different designs, which are, nevertheless, similar in style and, therefore, help the reader understand the concept »Outpost« pursues content-wise. No less interesting is the methodology of the two editors: from desks all over the world they collaborate by means of mobile communication. An international and independent network of service providers is best, if you want to focus on interests and key themes. Especially, since the work is done for clients, who are as international as Gema Navarro and Santos Henajeros, and their agency »We are Rifle«.

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