After #qved is before #qved

»So have you now seen everything you still hadn’t seen?« Boris Kochan asks the audience. Certainly a fitting final question for the 3rd QVED conference 2014, which after two successful previous conferences was sold out in a very short time and, with 650 participants, was one of the most successful events at the Munich Creative Business Week MCBW. To a certain extent, it is also a look at the future and a taste of what is to come – at the next »Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?« conference from  26 – 28 February 2015 in Munich.

The »#qved« threw up a great many questions: there are no general answers, not in the midst of upheavals, not in an industry shaken by crisis whose products have been repeatedly declared dead. Perhaps even due to the constant change and the unbelievable speed at which this is happening. But that, Kochan states during his summing up, is one of the challenges facing designers – to make the unknown a little more tangible for themselves , to discover during a process unfolding that the desired goal might possibly be an entirely different one – something that is perfectly normal in the design profession. The »Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?« conference offered up many perspectives and approaches: from independent to mainstream – all varieties of editorial design were there. With unusual ideas and concepts, with individual attitudes, with their heart’s blood, passion and dedication.

After the »#qved« is before the  »#qved« - without a great many helping hands from among the tgm members, without partners like Getty, fontshop, AGD, BDG, tgm, independent mediendesign, and kind supporters like »facing pages«, an event like »Quo Vadis, Editorial Design?« would not be possible. That is why, not the »#qved« is before the »#qved«, rather further sequels in a success story are coming up – in 2015. See you there.